Allen Iverson Retires

After three years out of the league Allen Iverson officially retired from the NBA today. Not many basketball players, or people, could overcome what AI had to. Gary Payton is my boy, but Allen Iverson was probably a better athlete. So quick in the passing lanes and on fast breaks, I might have asked Glove to play 2-guard and let AI handle the point, but there is still only one ball to play with.

Iverson was never a great percentage shooter from the floor, had half as many turnovers as assists, takes a ton of shots, and like to talk about practice more than actually practice.

This is exactly who David Stern had in mind when he came up with a dress code. AI had a cultural effect on the Association more so than any other player next to Michael Jordan. Tattoos, sleeves to cover up personal tattoos, jewelry, cornrows, baggy clothes, doo rags, headbands, ball caps, it’s like David Stern just looked through Iverson’s closet to come up with the banned list.

So even though you’ve been gone for years, here’s to the Answer. Now you can get to the HOF where you belong.

The Answer: Documentary

Couple of other good ones on YouTube

Allen Iverson – ESPN Documentary


The Trial of Allen Iverson

This is probably the best one that I’ve seen. Allen’s legal problems before Georgetown almost precluded one of the most prolific basketball careers of all time.






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