SOPA – Protect IP

Another good example of Congress in lockstep with the main stream media companies. Is this really just to stop illegal downloading?

Sure movies and albums cost money to produce, and I am fully in support of that. But it would take more than an act of Congress to stop downloading, more like a miracle. Congress hasn’t even shown that they understand how the Internet works, they have no business regulating it.

It is the opinion of the writer that copyrights (and probably patents) should expire after 30 years. That is plenty of time to protect your creative work and capitalize on it.

No one own our collective experience, or culture, even if it does include Mickey Mouse and the Beatles, it’s not like they haven’t made their money back on the original investment.

Here’s a post from Matt Cutts, of “the” Google that begat this post with his clever call to action/guilt-trip.

Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry

NFL en Espanol totally kicks ass, listen to that play call! They could really teach something to their gringo counterparts. Even hearing Larry Fitzgerald’s name over and over again was pretty exciting.

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NFL highlight from 2011 Week 10, Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles

Adobe Dumps Mobile Flash

Most frequent complaint about the iPhone? “Doesn’t support Flash.” You can also say that about Adobe after they announced it will no longer develop Flash for mobile devices.

Adobe had been hedging its bet on Flash by adding HTML5 elements in Dreamweaver and Illustrator, so you can see that Adobe saw this as somewhat inevitable. They knew all along that Flash was a bad product and for the most part always had been a processor hog, contained security flaws and was a proprietary system that was no longer necessary for streaming video or doing funny animations on a website.

I don’t use Dreamweaver anymore, and even when I did I thought that much of the features were not intuitive or particularly useful. It also generates some clunky code. I don’t use Flash, but I have used HTML5 and having an open standard is ultimately better for developers and users. Steve Jobs was the best known critic of Flash, but he was not alone.

Although HTML5 may not have gotten a boost with iOS not supporting Flash, it was rather obstinate of Jobs to not allow it on Apple’s mobile platform. Was Flash too much for an early iPhone to handle? Possibly, depends on your threshold for what you consider to be performance.

Flash is dead. Back in the early days of the Internet you needed it for multimedia, you just don’t need it any more. HTML5 will do everything that Flash did, except faster.

Local Photographer Creates Facebook Contest

Here’s a social media win for a local photographer Shawnie Deutsch. Really simple contest to decide which kids in Halloween costumes are going to make the annual calendar. The top 12 kids with the most “Likes” make the calendar. There are 30 kids entries in the competition, and parents and grand-parents don’t mind showing off how cute their kids are.

Getting Likes for your Fan Page and for your content helps get you more views from their network. That’s the whole word-of-mouth on steroids that social media aims to be. I love this promotion, simple, effective, all you have to do at the end is count up the Likes and print the calendar.

Please check out the contest here, I am partial because I was solicited by my a couple parents who are close friends of mine, but I’m not going to say who they are.