SOPA – Protect IP

Another good example of Congress in lockstep with the main stream media companies. Is this really just to stop illegal downloading?

Sure movies and albums cost money to produce, and I am fully in support of that. But it would take more than an act of Congress to stop downloading, more like a miracle. Congress hasn’t even shown that they understand how the Internet works, they have no business regulating it.

It is the opinion of the writer that copyrights (and probably patents) should expire after 30 years. That is plenty of time to protect your creative work and capitalize on it.

No one own our collective experience, or culture, even if it does include Mickey Mouse and the Beatles, it’s not like they haven’t made their money back on the original investment.

Here’s a post from Matt Cutts, of “the” Google that begat this post with his clever call to action/guilt-trip.






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