Seattle Sounders 2010 MLS Expansion Draft Protect List

My mock expansion draft protect list for the Sounders that should be appearing on Prost Amerika’s Protect List soon. I’ll update the post with a link as soon as Steven gets my latest edit.

I started out with the 2009 Seattle Sounders Protect List and started taking off names. Biggest reason players didn’t make the protect list was injury. Evans, Hurtado, Jaqua and Marshall all missed significant parts of the season due to serious injuries. It’s interesting to note that I am once again a statistical out-lier in that I did not protect Jhon Kennedy Hurtado.

Seattle Sounders 2010 MLS Expansion Draft Protect List
Alonso, Osvaldo
Fernandez, Alvaro
Gonzalez, Leo
Ianni, Patrick
Keller, Kasey
Montero, Fredy
Nkufo, Blaise
Nyassi, Sanna*
Parke, Jeff
Zakuani, Steve
Riley, James

12th Pick
Hurtado, Jhon Kennedy

2009 Protected Players
Evans, Brad
Hurtado, Jhon Kennedy
Jaqua, Nate
Ljungberg, Freddie
Marshall, Tyrone

Which Two Sounders Do We Lose?
Hurtado, Jhon Kennedy D – An excellent central defender who just happens to be coming off a serious injury. It’s tough to see protecting anyone who hasn’t been a part of the team’s most recent success. Ianni and Parke play well together and Hurtado could have lost his starting position. Knee injuries are usually repeat offenders, especially during rehab. He’s my 12th protect pick because he is quality and having three solid central defenders is a very good thing.

Riley, James D – Wasn’t protected in 2009, has improved but is another year older. It would be a shame to lose Riley from a back four that has become quite cohesive. Taking James Riley used to be a tradition every expansion draft, with two teams picking it will likely start again unless Riley is protected.

Fucito, Mike F – Shows incredible drive and awareness. Had a great set piece in the CCL but was hurt for most of the season. When he is healthy he scores goals.

Evans, Brad M – Been a solid player for Sounders, forced to play out of position early this season soured his reputation with the fans and a logjam of central defensive/midfield holding players Evans may wind up in Portland or Vancouver BC.

Seamon, Mike M – Good chemistry with Montano in games where the played together. Certainly a promising young midfielder.

Montano, Miguel M -Dangerous attacking player. Seems to have fallen out of favor, no other reason to think that his lack of playing time would indicate that he will be protected.

*Nyassi, Sanna M – Is the Sanna Nyassi that scores goals here to stay? He’s been on an unforgettable streak. His brace in the US Open Cup was a record for the final, career and match I am told. I think that he’s hit a new level and if it were up to me I’d protect him, but I don’t know if Sigi and Hanauer feel the same way, or if he is going to be left off in favor of Riley. If he is unprotected i would expect to see Portland or Vancouver take a shot with the young Gambian.

Unprotected & Unselected
Marshall, Tyrone D – Injured and old, unlikely to be picked and likely is deep behind Parke, Ianni & Hurtado.

Wahl, Tyson D – Isn’t he that big tall lanky defender? Yeah he’s pretty good, when did he play last?

Vagenas, Pete M – A decent midfielder at his age, probably on the fast track to becoming Sigi’s assistant should he get selected in the expansion draft.

Levesque, Roger F- Unprotected in 2009, not much improved and not likely to be selected by Portland. Maybe Vancouver will pick him up, but Levesque isn’t going to be top 2 of the unprotected Sounders.

Graham, Taylor – No.

Boss, Terry GK – Don’t be surprised if Boss gets taken by one of the new NW rivals. He has his moments and all teams need two keepers.

Noonan, Pat M – Not going to be protected. Will he be resigned?

Scott, Zach M – Unprotected, doesn’t play much and hasn’t shown that he can be a regular in the starting eleven.






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