Road Trip Planning Phase

Little brother Steve is moving from Ridgecrest, CA to Lawrence, KS. Before you say, “Kansas?” it’s for school and it’s kind of a lateral move from Ridgecrest, which is middle of nowhere California.

The plan is to meet in Las Vegas tomorrow and drive one of the cars to Lawrence, Steve & wife Monica have a 6 month old daughter, so they already have their hands full. I’m looking forward to the drive, spending some time together with family, getting In-N-Out Burgers, going to St. George, UT, Las Vegas pawn shops (guitar stuff), Kansas City BBQ, the US Open Cup Final, and anything else in between.

Here’s the bus route to the airport</yawn> not horribly inconvenient.

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And the map of our anticipated trip to Lawrence, are there any attractions that I should be seeing? The alternate route is Route 66, but I dont’ think that is going to be the way that we go.

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