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  • Dr. J at Harlem’s famed Rucker Park

    Dr. J at Harlem’s famed Rucker Park

  • The Rubberbandits – Horse Outside

    The Rubberbandits – Horse Outside

    Fuck your Honda, fuck your Subaru, let’s you and me get out of here.

  • “O Come O Come Emmanuel” Bad Religion on Conan O’Brien

    Bad Religion can basically do whatever they want. If this isn’t punk rock enough for you, may I remind you this is Bad Religion doing a Christmas song. Think about it.

  • Jason Kreis Explains Move to NYCFC

    Jason Kreis has been one of my favorite post-match interviews for some time now. He’s thoughtful, patient, actually tries to answer questions without using cliches or coachisms. You have to admire what he’s been able to accomplish with Real Salt Lake. Salt Lake City has never had a championship team in professional sports. College basketball…

  • Eddie Kramer Mixing Jimi Hendrix’s “Dolly Dagger”

    Eddie Kramer Mixing Jimi Hendrix’s “Dolly Dagger”

    Eddie Kramer is almost as much of a legend at recording as Jimi is at guitar. Legendary partnership that tested technological and creative limits and they did groundbreaking music without computers. Just an amazing song anyway, beautifully layered. Related articles ‘Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train’ review: Vital glance

  • Howard Schultz On George Strombopolus

    Howard Schultz On George Strombopolus

    First of all there was a local ownership group ready to step up and buy the team. That is nothing more than revisionist history from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. The part about maturity really got me at the end. This is the guy who got butt hurt when Gary Payton wouldn’t be buddies with him…

  • Thierry Henry Flipbook

    Thierry Henry Flipbook

    Pretty cool video, flipbook animation with Thierry Henry’s 2013 MLS season. Titi has had one of his best seasons (in MLS) and certainly contributed to New York Red Bulls’ success and Supporter’s Shield trophy. http://youtu.be/SB92JjZ65YI

  • Mark Kleiman Talks Marijuana

    Mark Kleiman Talks Marijuana

    Mark Kleiman is in charge of the “recreational’” (he dislikes that term almost as much as, “Czar”) marijuana for Washington State. It’s a really interesting hour where he confronts the myth of legalizing pot, the Netherlands experience, and Washington State’s plan to capture revenue from the newly legalized drug market. The problem is this, the…

  • Neko Case: Tiny Desk {Halloween} Concert

    Neko Case: Tiny Desk {Halloween} Concert

    What drug will keep night from coming? Not even the Masons know. Happy Halloween!

  • “Danger Zone” Archer Version

    This is so perfect. You know Archer has a total man-crush on Top Gun Tom Cruise. Pretty sure everyone sees themselves as Maverick, or in this Duchess. The last season of Archer was not up to the high standards, but it looks like they are back on their game. Carol/Cheryl and Lana as Kelly McGillis,…

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