October 31, 2010 Is A Big Day

It’s a busy day today, updating the blog, fixing a couple more layout and a variety of web services that are getting cleaned up.

First of all it is Halloween, no party last night, fell asleep watching MacGruber, woke up early watched Bolton Liverpool play what is currently a scoreless draw in the 80th minute. Going for a jog, back for a shower, need to find a haircut if there is time, Seattle Seahawks at 1pm and the Seattle Sounders play Los Angeles Galaxy tonight at 7 in the opening game of the playoffs. Did I mention that it’s Halloween? I can’t wait to see what the fans are going to do, I’m expecting a massive TIFO from the Emerald City Supporters. I’m sure that they have something grand cooked up, they always do for big games.

Also, it is Movember and I am participating for my second year. Basically you grow a mustache for November and use it’s shock value for prostate cancer awareness. I did it last year and basically got ridiculed by every female that I know, this year if you ridicule I pester until I get a donation.

Still nil-nil, 85th minute. Stu Holden has had a good game for Bolton, this has to be disappointing for Liverpool. You would have to think a big transfer is coming in the next window…..liverpool just scored! Right as I was typing their draw. Maxi Rodriguez has found three points for the Reds. 3 points on the road is a step in the right direction, which would have to be avoiding relegation given their spot in the table.






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