Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s entry into the tablet arena, Surface, seems a worthy effort and a slick design with an integrated keyboard, the last vestige of a laptops. Keyboards have a better tactile experience for typing than touch in my opinion and several people are dedicated to devices with non-virtual keys.

Good effort from Microsoft. It’s not iPad, or Android, but don’t forget that Microsoft has a wildly successful device in the XBox, and a dedicated gaming following. Gamers spend money like crazy drunken sailors on leave and being able to play XBox live not at home could be very appealing to them.

Having that keyboard really gives them a niche, but apparently no one has touched it. And say what you want about Microsoft, but at least they used standard ports and not some proprietary crap. Still I’m not overly impressed, but that is standard for tablets. Personally I think they are $1,000 Facebook & Email machines while you watch TV. That being said, I am curious to see what improvements Surface 2 will have, so all of you early adopters should get out there and buy them so there will be a Surface 2.






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