Kyle Alm is a Winner!

Overheard on KJR 950 Sports Radio (minus the video clip):

What movie is it from?!/keepkalm/status/108265948682788864

So I win Mariner’s tickets. Any game of my choice. I’ve been entering a lot of online contests lately, mainly for guitar gear and related swag. I haven’t won anything aside from these tickets and a couple of t shirts this summer, but I did win a snowboard about ten years ago :-/

So here’s the lesson, engagement is a symbiotic relationship, both people should get something (preferably free) out of the interaction. A spirited discussion both people should walk away feeling like they learned something and that can be enough, but when there is a commercial proposition aka promotion it needs to be compelling enough for someone to respond. My impression of a lot of business owners is that their customers will just “Follow” or “Like” them because they are customers. It really needs to be more compelling than that.

For me letting me choose which game I could attend was HUGE. I cover the Sounders for American Soccer News and have a variety of other things that keep me busy plus I am going to need to coordinate another person to come with me. I probably still would have responded just to show that I know a thing or two about Pee Wee Herman and it was pretty cool to hear Dave “Softy” Mahler say how cool my Twitter handle was on air. Thanks again!






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