Fire Ken Whisenhunt Immediately

After the Arizona Cardinals 9th loss in a row, a 58 point blowout in Seattle you have to think that the coaching tenure of Ken Whisenhunt is, in fact, a facade. There appeared to be no one at the wheel for the listless Cardinals, whose lack of talent was only exceeded by their lack of effort. The Cardinals weren’t ready for Seattle. “They don’t have an established quarterback or an offensive line,” cry the defenders of Coach Whisenhunt. But this lame duck season could become detrimental to the organization if it hasn’t already. Players are starting to mutiny against the coaches and there was a decided lack of effort against the Seahawks, 8 turnovers weren’t the only problem. It is impossible to win scoring 0 points.

The Cardinals Quit on Ken Whisenhunt

Lack of effort as mentioned above is unacceptable for a professional athlete, or amateur one for that matter. Past the 2nd Quarter there were few Cardinal defenders who looked interested in tackling Marshawn Lynch, or holding on to the football.

Complete Lack of Execution

Two muffed punts to end the half 38-0. Laughable. Todd Skelton could not get the ball to anyone, neither could rookie Ryan Lindley, and apparently it was not clear to the Arizona QBs who would be starting this week, “Skelton said he had no idea if he might be back in the lineup, although he clearly would like the opportunity..”

Arizona Cardinals QBs Collective Sad

And you still have to answer the same question this week unless Kevin Kolb magically heals his ribs. If I were him I think I would milk that injury until the line improves. So next year maybe?

Vince Young > AZ Cardinals QB

The fact that you actually have to take this tweet from Vince Young seriously. He probably would be an improvement. Not good.

There are only a few games left in the season, and that’s not a reason for leniency. You don’t want to lose the fans and you don’t want to let this kind of attitude fester, not when Larry Fitzgerald still wants to play for Arizona. Darnell Dockett‘s issue (see “mutiny” mentioned above) last week defying the defensive coordinator is a parallel issue. Dockett is a knucklehead, not really Whisenhunt’s fault.

The only reason not to fire Whisenhunt is if the Bidwill’s have already decided that the coach isn’t the problem, but the players are and that they will the ones sent packing at the end of the season. You can’t fire the players mid-season, you can fire the coaches, and if you’ve already made that decision it’s time to do it and move on.

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