The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Distracting and Time is a Flat Circle

Souvenir Mint Julep Glasses from Kentucky Derby

Apologies to HST

If you get invited to the Kentucky Derby the only acceptable answer is yes.

I slid into some premade travels plans made by family, this isn’t a destination I would have likely chosen on my own before. Certainly now, any time that I have a chance to get to Louisville I will take it. People have been friendly and welcoming. Compared to Seattle it’s like being in an episode of “Cheers” with Southern accents.

The Oaks is a race on Friday for fillies and Louisville locals before all the tourists come in for Derby. Or so I was told. Many locals prefer to do Derby parties than deal with the phalanxes in and around Churchill Downs. Drinks are cheaper and betting is just as exciting away from the track so why not?

Louisville is small city of 1.2 million last count, approx. 250,000 in the city proper, and a record Derby crowd of 170,513 (up from 165,307 in 2012) and a crowd of 123,763 for Oaks. It’s enough to test the limits of any municipal infrastructure. My best advice for next year, don’t prepay for parking. Getting around isn’t convenient and yards run $10-30 a spot. Get out and walk. City coffers must be swelling with revenue, Louisville’s “Black Friday” for tax collecting.

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