1985 Ibanez Roadstar II – Another Project

Recently I had been searching for a(nother) guitar to complement my Ibanez Roadstar II, which is my first guitar. Basic difference between the two guitars is that one has been routed for a bridge humbucker pickup and Floyd Rose style tremolo and the body is contoured more like a Fender Stratocaster, whereas my first one is a fixed bridge, all single coil pickups, and the body is not contoured, just kind of square rounded-corner.

The Ibanez Roadstar II is known for it’s bolt on neck, one of the best you can apparently, you see them separated from their bodies and for sale quite a bit. It’s amazing that these guitars aren’t worth more considering how much the necks sell for on eBay, up to about $100 is pretty common, but you see complete guitars for $300-400 depending on rarity and how original the equipment is: original case, original strap buttons etc.

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So, of course I’m doing my over-analyzing, thinking of all the myriad of ways to go when I saw this on eBay. It was late, and I was feeling impulsive and put the first bid on it, $100, shipping was $23, waiting about five days was excruciating and of course the last 30 minutes the price doubled on me up to $77, plus shipping it was right at my $100 budget. Kind of feel like I overpaid for it, but it just pairs too well with my other Roadstar.

This guitar is far from cherry, it has been well used, the headstock is scratched deeply, looks like a razorblade almost, there is sticker residue left behind, but the neck is straight and in good condition and the body should clean up nice. I love my other Roadstar, and several of my friends have tried to buy it from me after playing it, so I feel pretty good about the new addition to the “family.”

So I need a set of pickups, thinking about a Seymour Duncan Invader for the bridge, but I really don’t know if that is too high output, maybe go with something a little more vintage sounding. The pickguard is going to be another tough choice. Let me know if you have suggestions. There was a guy I ran into at a local Guitar Center, overheard me talking about a Floyd Rose bridge and wanted to give me one for free. Too bad he didn’t have it on him, because I’ve been trying to get a hold of him for a week now and we haven’t had any luck meeting up. So Eric, let’s make this happen soon, I’m ready.






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