10¢ Android Apps For My New Galaxy S II

My old trusty iPhone 3GS has been my phone for three years. I purchased it for the purpose of sending Tweets for @SoundersASN for American Soccer News during the Sounder inaugural season. It’s held up remarkably well with the exception of the cracked screen near the bottom makes using some apps difficult and learning new ones almost impossible. I had been looking at phones for months. Waiting for the 4S to come out, kind of a dud , looking at Motorola, switching from AT&T to Sprint, etc. over-analyzing my purchases is kind of a pastime.

I’m also shopping (over-analyzing) for a truck. Getting hungry, go to Teriyaki and pop into Radio Shack  to check out phones. Lo and behold, Samsung Galaxy S II $99 for AT&T customers eligible for an upgrade.

Waiting was over, I had my credit card out in minutes.

In short I love my new phone. Thinner, bigger screen, faster (3GS was slowing with every iOS update), I was only concerned about my sizable iTunes library. Lots of music, a couple of apps, but nothing major.

Then it’s 10¢ Android Apps : 😎 hooray! This is in celebration of their 1,000,000,000 download, and according to the Google Blog  there are more coming.

Looking forward to Pocket Minecraft.

10 Billion Android Downloads




















Looking forward to Pocket Minecraft.






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