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Seattle Seahawks Madden 25 Commercials

This was the first one that I saw, Darian Foster & Marshawn Lynch Sr, playing Madden for Sega Genesis. I don’t know what’s better, Lynch Sr.’s Jheri Curl or the High-Top Fade on Foster.


Russell Wilson & Colin Kaepernick are almost as good. When Russell kissed his bicep, I lost it.

There’s just part of me that is worried. I remember what happened to Shaun Alexander.

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If They Pass On You, Pass On Them

Did you know that Russell Wilson is too short to be quarterback? Just ask Mel Kiper Jr. and all of the draft prognosticators and they will tell that his path to success is obscured.

If they pass on you, pass on them -Russell WilsonRussell Wilson should be Rookie of the Year, he’s been incredible this season.

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