Eddie Kramer Mixing Jimi Hendrix’s “Dolly Dagger”

Eddie Kramer is almost as much of a legend at recording as Jimi is at guitar. Legendary partnership that tested technological and creative limits and they did groundbreaking music without computers.

Just an amazing song anyway, beautifully layered.

Howard Schultz On George Strombopolus

First of all there was a local ownership group ready to step up and buy the team. That is nothing more than revisionist history from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

The part about maturity really got me at the end. This is the guy who got butt hurt when Gary Payton wouldn’t be buddies with him and would pout at games when his team wasn’t doing so well.

Howard Schultz is Ken Behring reborn. Howie, you are the worst sports owner in Seattle history.