Mark Kleiman Talks Marijuana

Mark Kleiman is in charge of the “recreational'” (he dislikes that term almost as much as, “Czar”) marijuana for Washington State. It’s a really interesting hour where he confronts the myth of legalizing pot, the Netherlands experience, and Washington State’s plan to capture revenue from the newly legalized drug market.

The problem is this, the public has recognized that there is a limited public health risk from Marijuana, legalization is going to put downward pressure on the current price, and the State of Washington still wants to make money on this system.

Recent draft rules from the Liquor Control Board appear to affect the Medical Marijuana patients and dispensaries, something that the proponents of the Initiative promised wouldn’t happen.

There is no, “Liquor Czar” and there is no such thing as “Recreational Alcohol.”

Moronic San Francisco Fans Crusade Against Crowd Noise

12 > 49

It’s hard to believe that people can be so daft, but there they are.

The letters that they wrote regarding crowd noise in the aftermath of the Seattle Seahawks set a Guinness World Record for crowd noise while dismantling of the 49ers 29-3, seemed so ridiculous that it had to be a joke. Apparently they are real and this is the real opinion of two real people who apparently know nothing about football, sports, or life in general.

Don’t take this wrong way, but you belong in San Francisco. The only people that dumb in Seattle want to be mayor.