Should Teachers Have Guns In Schools?

When I considered some of the unstable people that were my educators in public schools I’m not sure if I would want them carrying a gun around. Too much “coffee” or just having a bad day, I could see a teacher going postal. Or maybe the kids would all behave better too. Still doesn’t seem like a great idea, but were I a teacher I would probably get myself a concealed carry permit.


After seeing the teachers, I think that it might not be a horrible idea to allow it, I just worry about teachers becoming the next postal workers.

Hirosaki Castle in Japan – Imgur

Hirosaki Castle in Japan - Imgur
Hirosaki Castle in Japan – Imgur

Ooura Tamenobu was awarded the area around Hirosaki for his loyalty to Hideyoshi during the Battle of Odawara. He changed his name to to Tsugaru and started work on Hirosaki Castle in 1603. He died in 1607 and work on the castle was put on hold until his son Tsugaru Nobuhira restarted it in 1610. He finished the castle in just one year by cannibalizing materials from Horikoshi Castle and Daikoji Castle. The 3 level main keep of Hirosaki Castle seems disproportionately small when compared to the huge estate encompassed by the castle today. Hirosaki Castle was originally built with a 5 level keep which was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 1627. The new 3 level keep is actually just the renovated Ninomaru tasumi yagura watchtower. The Tsugaru clan held the castle until the Meiji Restoration when it was taken over by the government.

Hirosaki Castle has the only extant main keep to the east of Matsumoto Castle (Nagano Pref.) making it a historical treasure of the Tohoku region. Hirosaki Castle is also famous throughout Japan for the more than 2600 cherry trees that fill its grounds today. Every spring when the trees are in bloom thousands of visitors flock to the grounds for one of Japan’s finest Cherry Blossom Festivals.

JCastle- Hirosaki Castle

Incredible Hulk #340 Proof

Did anyone else notice that it says, “DC Comics” on this board?


Incredible Hulk #340 cover art by Todd MacFarlane featuring Wolverine
Cover art, “Incredible Hulk #340” by Todd MacFarlane featuring Wolverine in a return to the series where he made his first appearance. This was an instant classic for Todd MacFarlane who is known mainly for his work on “The Amazing Spider-Man” & “Spawn” rather than his brief but epic stint on Hulk.