Neil Strohbusch is a Spammer

Seriously, did any other Sounders fans get this spam on LinkedIn? I’m thinking that if I get an apology I might take this post down. Neil Strohbusch has a pretty thin online profile, I wouldn’t be surprised if this post starts showing up when people search for his name.

Reporting you for spam. You are member of practically every group on LinkedIn, so I hope that a couple other Sounders fans also report this misuse.

If you would like to contact me about helping clean up your online profile I would be more than happy to give you some advice.

Kyle Alm
Owner, SEO Bandwagon

On 09/27/12 12:52 PM, Neil Strohbusch wrote:
I am a Sounders season ticket holder and I am reaching out to the Sounders Family for a couple of reasons.

First is to see if you know of any potential candidates for a sales position at my new [redacted] Insurance and Financial Services Agency in the Kirkland area to help me build an agency that differentiates ourselves in the marketplace and provides superior service to the clients we serve. I am looking for someone that is passionate, coachable, and interested in engaging with the community.

Second, would you have any objection if I gave you a call in January for a free quote to see if I can save you money on your insurance? Obviously no obligation in the quote, but would love the chance to earn your business.

Neil Strohbusch