Google+ 0 Invites= Wave / MySpace ***DIVIDE BY ZERO ERROR***

It’s seriously getting a little lonely in here.

Google+ Circles
Google- users get emailed by default when Google+ users share stories. If there is anything people want more of, it's email. Well done Google.

The official word is something about getting overwhelmed by user requests. Seems a little thin when you consider: this is Google, they handle billions of requests a day, most people already have Google accounts & Google+ is just another layer.

So far I like it, the interface is easy to use and very familiar. I can’t tell if I am seeing ghost but I swear there is an AdWords column already there.

So basically, I’m bored. Four of my friends are on here. I guess I am a little proud that I am so close to the core, but I can’t tell how well this works until there are more of my people on here.

Here’s my profile in case you are interested.

Google Debuts Social Network, Google+

Google’s circle interface adds something that Facebook does not. Targeted sharing on Facebook looks like it has some catching up to do.

This doesn’t look like a game changer. I don’t know how “fun” Google’s social network will be, but it doesn’t appear to be anything more than a retread to serve AdWords.

In fairness, I have not used this social network so all criticism is truly baseless. I can’t wait to try this.

Blue Scholars – Cinemetropolis

Cinemetropolis - Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars crowd-sourced their album “Cinemetropolis” on kickstarter. Seattle hip-hop duo Geologic & Sabzi are back from the lab to follow up Bayani.

Just listening to the first track right now. Sabzi really is on to something incredible. Seriously, the beats are just incredible. Special shout outs to Sonics icon Slick Watts and Gen X legend Tommy Chong.


Geo just said Mutumbo AND I JUST DID GET PISSED OFF! Thanks for reminding me. Fou Lee.